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The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK

Ask your MP to oppose Turkey’s partition plans


Dear Members of the Archdiocese Church Committee,

With the Blessing of His Eminence I am communicating this message you.
As you are aware, the 20th of July 2021 will sadly mark 47 years since Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus, occupying 37% of the island. To compound this, Turkey is now publicly calling for the permanent partition of the island.
At this time, we need as many Parliamentarians supporting our cause, for justice and human rights in Cyprus, and urging the UK Government to speak out clearly against Turkey’s partition plans for Cyprus.
Therefore, on this dark and sombre anniversary, we are launching an email campaign to raise awareness amongst MPs about the ongoing occupation in Cyprus. We have set up an easy-to-use online template. It only takes 30 seconds to send an email to your MP via our website.

All you need to enter is your name, email, postcode and first line of your address. Our form will take care of the rest.
To make this campaign a success we need, and would be very grateful to receive, your support. Please take the time to send an email to your MP, and forward this message to your Parish, family and friends. With a collective community effort, we can make an impact for Cyprus.
Thank you for your help and support for Cyprus.

National Federation of Cypriots in UK